‘Who knows more people?’ challenge

‘Who knows more people?’ challenge

‘Who knows more people?’ challenge
We invite you to a challenge to get to know as many people during the 3 days as you can at the campus. Plus to participate in our activities in the International Corner.

How to participate:

  1. Get your ‘challenge paper’ from the organizers – you have to collect signatures and info on this paper.
  2. Meet people during the Trefort-kert Offline festival, and speak to them: gain some basic info about them, write them on the ‘challenge paper’, and also get their signature.
  3. Participate in activities in the International Corner, and get a signature&stamp from the organizers to prove your participation.
  4. Submit your ‘challenge paper’ in the International Corner until 15:30 10 Sept (Friday) to have a chance to win a prize.
  5. Take part in the prize draw event at 16:10 10 Sept (Friday).


  • Chances for the prize draw: every five complete line on the ‘challenge paper’ worth a ticket for the prize draw.
  • A line is complete on the ‘challenge paper’ if every cell has a necessary piece of information. Only fully complete lines can take part in the draw.
  • The information on the paper has to be valid and honest.
  • Participation in the activities has to be longer than 10 minutes to gain the signature for them.
  • ‘Challenge papers’ has to be submitted until 15:30 10 Sept (Friday) to have chances to win a prize.

Good luck!