We can meet again at last. If you are a current or former student of ours, a member of our teaching or admin staff come and embrace ELTE BTK again during our four-day festival. 

Dear Student and Member of Staff,

We have said goodbye to a very difficult period, the last three semesters we had to spend online far away from the University, classmates, instructors and co-workers.

Trefort-Kert Offline Festival is here to offer a renewed venue for all of us at the Faculty of Humanities to be together again. Let's join in the celebration of the return and let's hope the return is here to stay. Let us all make the most out of these few days to unwind, make new acquaintances, eavesdrop into each others' programmes, and start the new term together with a new momentum.

Dr Dávid Bartus
Anna Laura Dióssy
President, Student Union